At its launch, www.LogoGenerator.com was, and still is, the only site of its kind. Totally free logos, online, right now, no obligation - no mailing lists. Our network of highly skilled logo artists have built an incredible library of adaptable logo templates. Users simply enter their company name to see an numerous custom logos. You are free to use your logo, any way you desire.

The LogoGenerator was first envisioned in 2000, by engineer and graphics designer Mark Gering. In July, 2006 programming master, Alex Bonivento was brought in to bring life into the project. After nearly 6 months of development, www.LogoGenerator.com was formally launched.

Users can support our efforts in 2 ways. First, you can purchase your logo in a high resolution format, directly from our website. Second, You can contact the artist personally for enhancement of your LogoGenerator custom logo or an entirely custom creation. Logo Artists can contribute by developing templates to the LogoGenerator.com.

www.LogoGenerator.com makes no warranty, implied or otherwise, as to the suitability or uniqueness of any logo created using our site. Because the user has complete control over their logos, it is possible to generate trademark and copyright logos which may infringe on the rights of others. If you have any questions about your logo, you should consult an attorney. If you find any templates on our site that you feel are strikingly similar to any protected identities, please notify us. We will require the artist to alter or remove the logo.

www.LogoGenerator.com is a community effort, of which each logo artist is independent and not connected to or employed by www.LogoGenerator.com. We will remove any artist which we feel do not meet the standards of our community. We encourage you to use due caution when entering into any contacts or agreements in all your business dealings.